Friday, August 07, 2009

Resurrecting the Friday 5

So I went back to the beginning, 2006 - the first year of Musings from Mt. Vernon St. - and looked up the posts for this week. One of them was the Friday Five. I totally forgot about the Friday Five and thought that now would be the time to bring it here goes:

Hearing: the quiet sounds of morning...birdsong outside, the gurgling of the coffee maker, the cat eating breakfast, the occassional car
Seeing: piles of yard sale stuff, newly priced and ready to go
Smelling: coffee - luscious, glorious, nectar of the gods, motivator of my day...and cinnamon buns
Tasting: cinnamon buns started in my NEW bread machine, as the old one crapped out on me and baked in the oven
Feeling: ready to sell stuff and make a little extra cash to pay for the repairs to my truck

Bring on the yard salers - come buy my stuff!
I hope it's sunny where you are - enjoy the day!

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