Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Black and White Day

Most of these photos have already made their way onto Mount Vernon Street in their color version - today I'm exploring their colorless qualities.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Vodka, anyone?

A Vodka Party in celebration of Nina's new house (actually, any excuse for a party will do!)

Funny thing is Nina's not in any of these pictures ('cause she's the one taking them)!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What's that old adage about curiosity and the cat?

Little Mr. Man found a new place to explore

my house is his playground and all the contents mere objects for his enjoyment

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Have you ever turned the sounds around you into music? The sound of the garbage truck, the tappity tap of fingers on a keyboard, the sound of the refrigerator or the furnace turning on? Have these sounds ever called up a whisper of forgotten music, a tune you can’t quite place a name or words to; that makes you wonder – is it some music that someone has already created or did it come from you, from somewhere inside you, all your own tune?

When I was young, I used to call up fiddle music in my head…slow, mournful Celtic airs that I would drift off to sleep to. I never knew where they came from; if they were something remembered or created in my own subconscious. I’ve never really been able to read music, let alone what it would sound like just from looking at it on a page, nor do I play an instrument, but I could call up music within me and my chest would get tight and a knot would form in my stomach…like I was on the edge of a revelation, like one more step would open the flood gates of memories from some long ago time...some time before I was born, before I or my parents or my parents parents were even a thought in the mind of the Universe.

I lost this ability some time ago. I suddenly noticed that I couldn’t do it – the music was done; the band had packed up and moved on to their next venue. It broke my heart that my personal concert was over. But was it really? If I had tapped into this unforeseen ability once, couldn’t I do it again? Couldn’t I find what had changed so drastically in my life that would cause this gift to disappear…and change it back? I have contemplated this over and over, a million times over in the last six years. So many things have happened – the end of a relationship and the subsequent crash of the world you had created as it shattered around you, the loss of one’s self at the end of that relationship, the loss of a loved one, starting over, not knowing how to reclaim what you once were…before it all started.

Last night I caught the whisper of a fiddle tune, just as I was drifting off and it woke me up with a start – a sit up in bed, confused, straining to hear as the whispers fade kind of start. This morning I woke up with a feeling…a change is coming; it’s singing in my soul. It’s making my heart pound faster and louder and that feeling, that revelation…I could reach out and touch it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Foggy Day in Boston

It was a foggy, rainy morning when my mother, sister, niece, best friend and I headed to Boston for the New England Spring Flower Show. And despite that pouring, driving rain...we had fun!

Here are the highlights:
My cousin Mike (a Boston cop) made it down to see us just before our bus left (don't you love that green sweatshirt that Jess is wearing - it was bought by her sweet and loving aunt for her 13th birthday!)
Mike, my sister Dina, Me and Jess in front of the Cheers Indian in Faneuil Hall
Jess got to celebrate her 13th birthday at an Irish pub, much to her delight!

Flower Show favs:

Juli having a good time
Betcha can't tell that these three are family (or related to me for that matter)!

So I know I'm behind in my Mini Quilt Monday. No excuses, I'm just a slacker, that's all! My hope is to have 3 to share with you by next Monday (St. Paddy's Day - whoo hoo!).

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Boston Bound

This weekend, I am Boston bound - looking for that bit of spring pick-me-up at the New England Flower Show and some shopping with my mother, my sister, my friend Juli and a bus load of other people.
I will, as always, take a ton of pictures. Here are some of last year's treats:

Mmmmm....green grass, sweet scents and bright colors to perk up even the most winter-depressed soul! After yesterday's snow, sleet and ice storm coupled with a crazed work week, this is a most needed trip!

And in honor of my trip to Boston and St. Paddy's Day looming 'round the corner, a little Dropkick Murphy's for your listening pleasure:
and my all time fav - Boys on the Docks

Until the next time I get a moment to breathe...

Monday, March 03, 2008

Introducing....Squeaky Squeaky

Do you remember when I went thrift shopping, I picked up that book from the 1970's on soft toys and how I had "an idea brewing in my brain with regard to the stuffed animals, something that needs a little more thinking on and a little more research on"?

Well, the thinking and researching are done. I present to you a new Etsy shop dedicated to squeaky dog toys...Squeaky Squeaky!!When I first picked up the soft toy book, I thought, "these are so cute - they'd make great dog toys" and it inspired me. I checked out the dog toy situation on Etsy (of which there are a few) but didn't see anything like what I had in mind. I looked for squeakers and found some for 23¢ each and then created a prototype for my Sadie. I thought if Sadie liked them, maybe other dogs would, too. I used funky cotton fabric, cotton thread and polyester fiberfill, then satin stitch the seams for added strength. I'm starting off small, as you can see, with snakes, but I have ideas for other animals mapped out; things like frogs, ladybugs, octopi. I've hand drawn all the patterns, so no copyright infringement on the book - it just served as inspiration. And every toy gets the Sadie Stamp of Approval!

Oh, Nymmy liked Sadie's snake so much, that I had to make another that has a sack of catnip in it for him and Tallulah to share (I use the word "share" very loosely - the two fight over it)! Who knows, maybe I'll expand into catnip toys and Squeaky Squeaky will not only be for the funky dog, but for the cool cat, too!