Thursday, March 06, 2008

Boston Bound

This weekend, I am Boston bound - looking for that bit of spring pick-me-up at the New England Flower Show and some shopping with my mother, my sister, my friend Juli and a bus load of other people.
I will, as always, take a ton of pictures. Here are some of last year's treats: grass, sweet scents and bright colors to perk up even the most winter-depressed soul! After yesterday's snow, sleet and ice storm coupled with a crazed work week, this is a most needed trip!

And in honor of my trip to Boston and St. Paddy's Day looming 'round the corner, a little Dropkick Murphy's for your listening pleasure:
and my all time fav - Boys on the Docks

Until the next time I get a moment to breathe...

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shannon said...

OOOOO i wanna go!