Monday, March 03, 2008

Introducing....Squeaky Squeaky

Do you remember when I went thrift shopping, I picked up that book from the 1970's on soft toys and how I had "an idea brewing in my brain with regard to the stuffed animals, something that needs a little more thinking on and a little more research on"?

Well, the thinking and researching are done. I present to you a new Etsy shop dedicated to squeaky dog toys...Squeaky Squeaky!!When I first picked up the soft toy book, I thought, "these are so cute - they'd make great dog toys" and it inspired me. I checked out the dog toy situation on Etsy (of which there are a few) but didn't see anything like what I had in mind. I looked for squeakers and found some for 23¢ each and then created a prototype for my Sadie. I thought if Sadie liked them, maybe other dogs would, too. I used funky cotton fabric, cotton thread and polyester fiberfill, then satin stitch the seams for added strength. I'm starting off small, as you can see, with snakes, but I have ideas for other animals mapped out; things like frogs, ladybugs, octopi. I've hand drawn all the patterns, so no copyright infringement on the book - it just served as inspiration. And every toy gets the Sadie Stamp of Approval!

Oh, Nymmy liked Sadie's snake so much, that I had to make another that has a sack of catnip in it for him and Tallulah to share (I use the word "share" very loosely - the two fight over it)! Who knows, maybe I'll expand into catnip toys and Squeaky Squeaky will not only be for the funky dog, but for the cool cat, too!

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