Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Thrifty Sort of Day - the books

I love thrifted books, especially the crafty ones from the 70's - this one was a must (and at $1.99, how could I resist?)
These guys and....
these guys were truly the selling point (check out that funky green crab, isn't he the best?)
And the hippy handbook...
I had to have this book (and for $2.99, why not?)
Ever wanted to make a Mexican Peasant Blouse? Here you go...
Ever wanted to live in a commune? Good tips to remember...
The handwriting can get a bit sketchy and there are no chapters, but it's very freeing to skip from one subject to the next with no lead in or relation to the last thing you read.
This is my absolute favorite page:
And there you have it, some of my thrifty book finds. I have an idea brewing in my brain with regard to the stuffed animals, something that needs a little more thinking on and a little more research on, but once I've got it figured out...I'll be sure to share!

Now I realized this morning that I never did my mini quilt over the weekend. I was just so busy, that I never got around to it and I was more in a painting mood (pictures to come); so this weekend, I will make 2 and show them off next Monday (those and the funky shelf that was inspired by Anahata's art...more on that later, too).

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