Friday, February 22, 2008

A Lazy Friday and $40 Worth of Thread

I love lazy Fridays.

Lazy Fridays when both your bosses decided to take the day off. Where no meetings are scheduled and you're basically caught up on the majority of your work.

Lazy snowy Fridays when someone brings in apple cake, blueberry cake and carrot cake, prompting a spontaneous coffee klatch at 9 am.

A lazy Friday where Lucinda's dulcet tones waft from my computer (inspired by a Maine native's blog post), over the sound of Vladmir Putin's final address (in Russian) as our Ukrainian intern listens in.

A lazy Friday that invites you to leave work for lunch, to hit Barnes and Noble for two books and a comforting Chai tea, to spend $40 on thread. (Yes, you read right folks...forty dollars on THREAD! I've never spent that much on thread alone!)

Oh lazy Fridays, you undo me.

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