Friday, February 08, 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Wasn't that a Bugs Bunny cartoon?
Nearly 17" of hair chopped from my head. No more struggling with it at night, whenever I roll over. No more wet hair getting whipping up under my armpits as I brush it. No more 20 minute blow drying sessions, just to get it remotely dry. No more mega shampoo and conditioner use. No more long hair clogging up the drain. No more static hair across my face driving me absolutely insane after I take off a winter hat. No more French braids catching on shirt or coat tags. No more ponytail holders, no more big clips, no more hair sticks. No more dry, split ends!

Goodbye crazy, long ass hair...hello cute and flippy "do"!

I hope your Friday is full of change and you're having a great hair day!

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lisa s said...

it looks fantastic!!!