Monday, February 04, 2008

Mini-Quilt Monday

Here it is - the first Mini-Quilt Monday! Whoo-hoo! And as promised, the first of 52 mini quilts:

I'm calling this first one "Blanket of Stars" (which I neglected to write on the back of it), inspired by a quilt idea I had 3 years ago while listening to the Counting Crows song, Mrs. Potter's Lullabye. The whole song has great imagery but when I heard "When I see you a blanket of stars covers me in my bed", all I could picture was this deep blue quilt covered in various sized I made it in mini with one size star. This has taught me that I need to practice my free-motion to get my thread lines a little better looking and less all over the place. It also make me realize that I enjoy beadwork!

Now, Belém asked a very good question: "Isn't 4" going to be too small?" I thought so too at first, but in the end, if my calculations are correct (and god knows they probably aren't - I'm very adept at screwing up my measurements!) and if I stitched all these mini quilts into one, the finished quilt would be 133" square or roughly 11' square, give or take (26 four inch blocks across and down with a 1" sashing between each block and a 2" border - does 133" sound right?). 52 blocks, plus the binding, the sashing and the backing...all using scraps. It might not use up all of my scraps, but I think it will use a fair amount.

I kind of like the thought that I don't have to come up with something big - I can whip up a 4" block in no time with these mini-practices and they're very inspiring! I came up with 2 new ideas for quilted wall hangings based on the one I did yesterday. Plus it makes me think small, when normally I think a little too big with quilts.

Alright, lunch break is over - now I have to get back to work.

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