Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Foggy Day in Boston

It was a foggy, rainy morning when my mother, sister, niece, best friend and I headed to Boston for the New England Spring Flower Show. And despite that pouring, driving rain...we had fun!

Here are the highlights:
My cousin Mike (a Boston cop) made it down to see us just before our bus left (don't you love that green sweatshirt that Jess is wearing - it was bought by her sweet and loving aunt for her 13th birthday!)
Mike, my sister Dina, Me and Jess in front of the Cheers Indian in Faneuil Hall
Jess got to celebrate her 13th birthday at an Irish pub, much to her delight!

Flower Show favs:

Juli having a good time
Betcha can't tell that these three are family (or related to me for that matter)!

So I know I'm behind in my Mini Quilt Monday. No excuses, I'm just a slacker, that's all! My hope is to have 3 to share with you by next Monday (St. Paddy's Day - whoo hoo!).

Happy Wednesday!

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gracia said...

So great to see some of your family photos... and the big flower show in Melbourne is gearing up; it kicks off in April, I think.

cheers, g xx