Thursday, April 26, 2007


The Pink and Green Quilt
(finally remembered to off-load my camera)

The Plan

The Blocks

The First 6 RowsFull Length
I still have 8 rows left, all but one have been started and because I ran out of some fabrics quickly, the plan was revamped so many times that I don't remember what the original actually looked like.

The center will hold a green flannel medallion with a yo-yo blossom tree (I made somewhere between 80 and 100 little pink yo-yo flowers by hand and then handstitched them onto the tree. I still have to take a picture of it).

The finished product should be around 92" x 110", which will be HUGE on my queen sized bed, but I love a drapey quilt!

This weekend is supposed to be rainy, which is perfect for quilting (and for making raised garden bed frames in the garage). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Pink and Green Quilt top will be done by Monday!

(I think I need to give it a better name than "The Pink and Green Quilt")

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