Monday, April 23, 2007

With the sickness done, the fun's just begun

Whoo hoo! I'm feeling so much better, I'm practically doing the happy happy dance of joy! Marcia gave me her sinus infection and it flattened me for a week, despite the antibiotics and the ton of sleep. Thankfully last week was a vacation week for the Legislators, so work was totally quiet and I didn't have to worry leaving Marcia here alone while I took sick time. Thank you for the well-wishes! They were much appreciated and much needed. My sick time out of work wasn't all for not...I got a good jump start on my pink and green quilt. I have pictures, but forgot my camera today, so I will post those tomorrow!

This weekend was fabulous! I didn't do a ton of things but the weather was perfect and I did go to Boston for the Loreena McKennitt concert at the Wang Center. Oh, but it was fabulous! I wish I had brought my camera - that theatre was opulent and awe inspiring; here are some pictures that others have taken of the theatre on Flickr.

The stage was set up so simply. There were drapes hung ceiling to floor with winding/entwining patterns in the fabric, they were lit in blue and Moroccan lamps hung in four places from the ceiling, with flicker lights (making them look like candle flames). A golden arch with another lamp hanging from it was placed behind the drummer, in the center where the drapes parted, giving that feeling of a gypsy caravan tent, like the one on the cover of An Ancient Muse. The concert started with the flame-haired Loreena, dressed in dark browns, sitting alone at her harp, singing a haunting rendition of "She Moved Through the Fair".

We gave her 3 standing ovations and she played 2 encores! Oh, she was magnificent - the whole group of musicians playing with her were fabulous (my friends and I want Caroline Lavelle's, the cellist, hair)! And you could tell that they really enjoyed themselves. I love it when you see someone live and they're having fun - you can really feel it in their music! There is a really great review of her London concert from earlier this month here.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and I can't wait to catch up with the blog-stories of your lives that I missed out on last week.

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lisa s said...

glad you are feeling better! nothing like live music. nothing....