Thursday, January 11, 2007

Feeling out of touch

I feel like I'm missing so see, I really haven't had time to check out many of my fav blogs in the last 2 weeks, or even really keep up with my own.

My job went from zero to chaotic in no time and my desk has been moved and rearranged, so I'm no longer hiding at the back of my office, where I could sneak quick reads of everyone's blogs with my officemates being none the wiser. Now I'm front and center and there is no sneaking. And I didn't get moved because I got into trouble or wasn't doing any work, it's just that I was really rather hidden and people tended to forget I was back there, so now I'm right in the open where anyone who walks past me can see what I'm doing on my computer, despite the privacy screen - which is a bit annoying, especially when I'm doing something with my boss' schedule and a member of the Press (nosey little buggers) is gaping over my shoulder.

So I apologize that I'm being such a slack blogger/blog reader. I need to take time out on the weekend to catch up...which I will try to do...promise! Maybe Sunday night when we're supposed to have a horrific mess by way of weather (I'm hearing snow, sleet and freezing rain straight through to Monday, yikes!)


gracia said...

'Zero to chaotic', I know just what you mean, Tiff.
take care, g

lisa s said...

i was just thinking... what happened to tiff.... and now you've explained.... ah well... i guess you'll be getting more WORK done :)

simple me said...

Not a problem ... we all wish we had a time machine and 48 hours days :)