Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year...3 days late

Change is in the air my friends! With the new year comes many new work it's the start of a new (and always crazy) session and at home, I've adopted the mentality of "Out with Old and In with the New".

2007 will be:
* the Year of the New Couch (to replace the shabby, uncomfy one I currently own)
* the Year of the New Bedroom (that I started on last year)
* the Year of New Kitchen Flooring
* the Year of a REAL Creative Workplace - an actual studio where I can have my computer right handy, my sewing machine always ready to be used, my easel set up with paper and charcoals really nearby, all my craft, art and fabric supplies organized for easy access and an inspiration wall (inspired by this)!

2007 will be the year of many things, but these will be the majors, the things I really would like to get done.

Happy New Year everyone!


simple me said...

Happy New Year Tiffany.
Yes for new year's face lift :)
Love the idea when everything is organised, in order and handy.

lisa s said...

happy new year tiffany!!

liking your out w/ the old in with the new

gracia said...

Your studio plans sound just the thing... I'd move it up to number one for the year ahead. A more permanent set up sounds ideal.
Here's to a creative and happy year ahead... and much belated cheer from me too.