Friday, December 29, 2006

Let’s take a trip

First we need to go back in time. It's December 24th, we're at my parents house on Damariscotta Lake and it's about 3:00 in the afternoon. The last two days have been windy and rainy, but today we have weak winter sun and very few clouds in the sky. In an hour the sun will be setting and one of the best places to watch the sun set is a little stretch of land in East Boothbay Maine, called Madeleine Peyroux into the cd player to pass the time.

(30 minute time lapse) Wow, that was fast...
Look, you can start to see the ocean!

Ah, here we are, slowing down to a snail's crawl to see what we can from the warmth of the truck. We'll park just up ahead...
here, on this curve
Look at that view!
Are you ready to get out and brave the elements?

Feel that wind, it'll just about knock you over and make you wish that parka's came with wood stoves!! Aren't you glad that you bundled up?
Be careful of those rocks, they're slick in some spots (as you can see from the algae green stain on my left knee where I slid - oh but that will be a bruise tomorrow!)
Even the seagulls are struggling to fly.
Can you feel the sea spray?
Look what some other dear adventurer left behind for us. Portent of good things to come, maybe?
Sadie doesn't get to the ocean often.
She's loving this! But I think it's time to head back to the truck. That wind is just a bit much and my hands are frozen. How 'bout you? We'll drive up toward the Ocean Point Inn. It's closed now, but we'll just drive past.
Can you see all the debris that the wind and high seas from the day before threw up onto the road? That must have looked wild!
Oh, lets go see my favorite house down here
It's just up this way.
How cool is that? It's a year 'round house, so we can't go walk around the grounds (and I think there's a car in the driveway now!)

Shall we head for home? It's after 4:00 and that sun's about to set. Take one last look at Ocean Point, my friends. We'll have to come back again in the summer!
I'm so happy that you were able to go with me! I've been wanting to do this for some time and Paula's walk to school really inspired me.
Did you enjoy our trip? We'll have to do it again sometime!

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simple me said...

Have a wonderful 2007 Tiffany.
I really enjoyed walking with you today. Thank for taking me.
What great pictures. I love travelling! :)