Friday, December 08, 2006

Mother Nature's Holiday Gift

Surprise and excitement overtook me when I looked out the window this morning.
I bundled into my winter jacket, dug my winter boots out of the closet, threw on my hat and mittens, leashed the dog and stepped out into a winter wonderland!
Snow falling and drifting, covering the trees; everything silent, muffled...the world covered in a wooly blanket of white.
I've never had a dog that loved snow so much as Sadie. She raced around like a wild dog, burrowing into it, covering her whole body, changing her fur color from mostly black to all white. She then collapsed in the house with one of her new Christmas toys (she knows what Christmas is! She loves it! Sadie has her own stocking and wiggles frantically for every toy to be pulled out of it. She grabs them - one at a time - and makes a pile in the center of the room. When the stocking is empty, she sits on top of her pile and plays with the toy that is the most favorite of that minute).
Tallulah is not a fan of snow, she likes to watch it though...from inside the house, in the warmth and comfort of her kitty bed.
I hope that you get glorious winter (or summer) surprises today, too! Have a great weekend all!


Shari said...

enjoy the snow! how fun.

simple me said...

These are festive images.
I specially love the 2nd one from top.
I also like snow but a bit like Tallulah from inside the window :)
Have a great weekend as well.