Tuesday, December 05, 2006


So you'd think that with Christmas just around the corner, I'd have a ton of bags in the house to put gifts in...and to complete my drawing homework! Or at least a couple of paper bags from the grocery store. But no...I had to search for a bag (and my homework was to draw a couple of bags, rendering light and shadow). So I dug and dug and finally I lucked out and found one lingering in the boxes of decorations:

"Hark the Hearld Angel gift bag" - willow and regular charcoal

I have to admit that I like what I draw better in a photo than in person. I think because you can't get close up enough to scrutinize :^)

Well, I'm off to a dentist appointment (having 4 fillings replaced. UGH!) Wish me luck!


Almost forgot, if anyone is interested:

These little guys are up for sale in my Etsy shop, Faery Tree Creations.


simple me said...

You know I can see lots of improvement in your drawings. Practice is really the key.
Please continue.

Good luck in the dentist.

Have a great week.

lisa s said...

i think you also like the photos of your drawings because you are once removed - does that make sense??

i hope the dentist went OK....