Thursday, December 28, 2006

So Much

Has it really been 9 days since my last post? 9 DAYS? Wow! Christmas/Yule went by in a didn't seem like it went by that quickly, but looking back...I just can't believe it!

Well I hope you all had a lovely holiday season, a good time spent with friends and family, good food and fun activities! I had a wonderful "Night before the Solstice" hanging out with friends; Solstice Night was spent at my parents, baking and crafting and watching movies. I'm the only Pagan in my family - the rest are some form of Christian (we were all raised Catholic), so I celebrate Yule and Christmas.

I was able to finish my friend's lap quilt (my present to her):
I was also able to finish the dollhouse! Oh, I am so happy with the way this came out! We are talking love love love love love love love!!! It was so worth all the hot glue burns and the lack of feeling in my fingertips (from said hot glue gun), the hours...the days...spent putting this little house together! And my friend Juli was in such shock, such surprise at receiving her very own dollhouse. I wish I'd had my camera - the look on her face was priceless! Here is the finished product (and more up-close and personal ones here):

There are little bits that I didn't get to add to it that I so wanted to, but I ran out of the flower pots and the little bowls and the pictures, oh and the coffee table book of Elvis. Juli and I have this long running Elvis's not based on the fact that we're big fans or anything so mundane, it's based on a comment Juli made way back when we were...oh, 14 or 15, about Elvis living under her bed wearing a jelly donut costume (don't ask, it was a late night and definitely a "you had to be there" moment). Since that time it's just escalated into weird and sometimes obnoxious Elvis the madly blinking mini Christmas tree decorated with glitter glued handmade Elvis ornaments, the 3D puzzle "Bust of Elvis" or the life size Elvis cutout wearing a Santa hat (that was the best, I stuck it in a corner of Juli's room and she didn't notice it right away, as she was in a hurry and was trying to change her clothes for something. Well, she whipped off her shirt, turned around and let out a scream that could be heard for miles and it was immediately followed by "THAT BITCH!" and a phone call to me filled with laughing vulgarities about how she thought some weird guy had gotten into her room. Obviously I won the Elvis war that year! Juli has won this year with the singing Elvis ornament that just won't shut up.)

Anyway, this holiday was splendid! Many grand gifts were given and received, family time spent, amazing food eaten (and still eating) and I even got the chance to head to Ocean Point in East Boothbay, Maine on Christmas Eve. Oh what a beautiful place...but I'll post about that and take you all on a little tour tomorrow!


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cruststation said...

Your dollshouse is so beautiful. Love the work you put into it, and your holiday definitely sound like lots of fun. Thanks for sharing.