Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Do You Hear What I Hear...

In my quest for different music via blog, radio and just talking to my friends, several artists have been mentioned (and thanks to Mel, I can listen via Napster to full albums for free and decide whether or not I want to invest my money - which is much better than spending $$ on a cd that I don't really like, as that $$ can go toward something else):

*Carla Bruni (thanks, Shari! I heard Carla Bruni's "L'amour" on the radio back awhile ago and really enjoyed it but couldn't find out who she was - it was a track that a guest to the radio station played off their iPod)
*Luna (again, thanks Shari)
*Laura Brino (whom I'm loving!)
*Moe...I haven't made up my mind about Moe yet. They're very Phish-esque and I do like some Phish, but after a while...all the songs sound the same or they go on for so long that you start wondering when/if the song will ever end. No offense to anyone really into Phish...just my opinion. But Moe seems to throw in some twang, some harder riffs here and there...I'm skipping through albums trying to draw out some favs but having a hard time
*Neko Case totally rocks and I am so getting her music!

And if anyone caught CBS's Sunday Morning this past Sunday, Cat Power's "The Greatest" and Anjani's "Blue Alert" were mentioned as great gifts to give. Definitely check out Cat Power, if you haven't already! Anjani's old stuff is a little pop-y, but Blue Alert is very bluesy, very smokey and very Leonard Cohen (who co-wrote and produced it).

My posting will be sketchy this week. Yesterday was meetings galore, an hour and forty five minutes stuck in traffic, crawling at a snails pace, outside Portland and then on to the staff holiday party at my house (which rocked, but I never took pictures - duh!) I have Thursday off to work on Christmas presents, then it's off to a holiday gathering of friends at The Liberal Cup in Hallowell (great atmosphere, good people, good live music, the food is so-so as it depends on what you get, the home brew is excellent! You have to get there early to get a table though; it fills up fast!) Friday will see me driving my gift-laden, one horse open sleigh (Mitsubishi Montero Sport), with my furry little elves (Sadie & Tallulah) in tow to the Lake for some yuletide cheer with the fam.

Have a fabulous rest of the week - I'll try to post again before Christmas!


lisa s said...

so heart neko and cat.... you should try pandora too.... online radio - tell them someone you like and they go from there - it's really fun....

thanks for the lovely image of my wellness fairy! :)

simple me said...

have a great week as well and keep on listening to the good music...it lifts up the spirit.

risa said...

i have been meaning to get the new neko case cd FOREVER. off to add it to my list of things to pick up while in new york.

Shari said...

glad you liked the suggestions. i never ever tire of luna or neko for that matter. :) happy holidays tiff.

gracia said...

New musical sounds... the perfect way to see in the Christmas season and the new year.
Have a wonderful chrissy, Tiffany.
take care, g