Friday, December 15, 2006

And now for something completely different...

I have a new favorite Christmas song:

I know they put it out two years ago, but it's one of those songs you forget about because it's not over-played, then you hear it again...out of the blue...driving home after a long day and before you know it, you're chair-dancing in the driver's seat and people are looking at you like you're nuts...but you don't care because this song just lifts your spirit and gets you moving!

On my list of new and/or fun things I want to do, I mentioned picking up a new (new to me) cd each month of someone I've never heard or haven't heard much of, just to expand my musical selection. I missed a lot of US college bands and indie bands when I moved to Canada in '95, but was bombarded with a ton of great Canadian bands, a lot of amazing local New Brunswick talent. But I'm just now starting to realize what I missed out on.

I'm starting to play catch up, now and at this moment it's with Dispatch - I'm really liking their live stuff. All Points Bulletin is currently playing (love "Riddle"). Of course, reading up on them now, I'm wondering where the hell I was to have missed this band? Was I just not paying attention? Was I listening to some other style of music? This is entirely possible - I dated a hardcore punk for about 4 1/2 years and getting him to listen to anything else or go to shows that didn't involve his music was like pulling teeth.

What are you listening to (aside from holiday music)? I'm open to any suggestions in just about any flavor.


Shari said...

i heart carla bruni. her french album is amazing. my other recent favorite as i said on my blog is luna. both are highly recommended.

gracia said...

Ahh, yes. I'm all for buying cds you know next to nothing or absolutely nothing about. I've made some very wonderful discoveries that way. Happy shopping...
take care, grache

simple me said...

Well you know that I normally listen to old boring :) classical and jazz music. I got a wonderful barroque music cd (yes another one...the list is endless) recently. It is Pietro Antonio Cesti (1623-1669)
If you enjoyed the other album I sent you I will make a copy for you of this one...just let me know