Monday, February 26, 2007


Every winter, when the Lake freezes, it amazes me how just months earlier I was swimming here.

"Damariscotta Lake - summer and winter"

I love seeing the Lake from this wholly different perspective. Places that you could only swim to or row to, you can now walk to.
Snowmobiles, trucks and 4-wheelers replace speedboats and jetski's; walking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing replace canoes and kyaks.

And when the day finally quiets down and twilight falls, all you hear is the whisper of snow sliding across the Lake on the wind and the ominous moan and groan of the ice shifting underfoot.

I needed this weekend to come to an appreciation of winter again and not want to rush right through it to get to spring. I needed the icy wind baffling at my triple layered body in order to appreciate the warmth of the woodstove when I went inside. Walking in slow motion through snow, fighting against the wind to appreciate how it felt to slip those boots off and walk unhindered through the house. And when the heat of summer comes again, I will pull out the memories of this weekend on the ice and appreciate the feel of that summer sun, of tank tops and t-shirts and summer skirts, of sandals and the hum of bees rather than the hum of snowmobiles.

"trees and shadows"
(this will go into the file of future fabric projects, it would make a great winter wallhanging)

More pictures from this weekend's ice fishing excursion here.

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gracia said...

Looks like a snowy icy wonderland to me... a joy to someone tired of t-shirts and heat.

see you, g