Wednesday, February 28, 2007

sadness and mourning

Many of us in Central Maine are mourning the loss of a favorite restaurant this week. I've posted about this place before, my most favorite local restaurant in Hallowell...Slates.

Sunday afternoon saw a horrible sight, one of smoke and fire billowing out of the 2nd story window of this little restaurant, a fire that quickly spread through the historic building until it no longer looked like the quaint little place to enjoy country chicken pie or Sunday brunch. Now it just looks like a charred and half frozen wreck, with the roof and most of the 3rd floor caved in....and no sign in sight of reopening anytime soon.
Slates was a community restaurant, a meeting place with mismatched chairs and tables, walls painted funky colors and many with murals, tin ceilings and low lighting and ambient music; it's workers were (are) a family and that was the feeling you got when you went in. I've celebrated many friends' birthdays, many afternoon lunch's with my mother, a few romantic dinners with ex-loves and even a bad blind date.

I know Slates will rebuild, but it's so sad to see this happen and my heart goes out to the owners, the workers, the patrons and the community.

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gracia said...

Oh dear! Looks like you've lost a favourite haunt!

take care, g