Monday, June 05, 2006

Slates Restaurant and Bakery

this weekend was a washout here in the northeast. you'd think that i would have done loads of indoor creative stuff, but i didn't. i did all the domestic goddess stuff and cleaned out another box of books, cleaned the nonessential stuff off my dining room table. i did continue to work on a quilted wallhanging that has been in progress for about 2 months. it's called, "slave to convection" (as in convection oven), it's of a woman in her kitchen, wearing a green sparkly evening dress, standing by her stove with a pan in hand. she's a modern woman who wants to go out and dance the night away, but is chained to her stove by the convention of marriage and family. it needs a screaming baby in a high chair maybe with toys strewn about. i sat and stared at it on my quilt wall all weekend, trying to figure out what else it needed. the fabrics that will border it are very simple 1930's reproduction fabrics (which i love love love!! so need to buy more of those and make myself an apron). as soon i think to, i'll take some picts and post them of how it looks right now, pre-sewn (i use fusible web on the applique and then stitch it down) and then when (if) i actually get it finished, i'll post those.

so this weekend, despite the rain and the lack of energy to do anything fun, i did make some great muffins, very similar to the ones they serve at my favorite restaurant & bakery, slates. slates serves amazing food (with a menu that changes daily, you can check out their standby menu on their site) in the most eclectic and artistic atmosphere.

the muffins i made were cranberry, orange raspberry muffins, baked with cream cheese centers. can i just say how yummy these are?! i mean mine don't compare to slates but they still rocked! and can i tell you how easy these are to make, oh lord and lady it's amazingly easy....just take your plain old average everday muffin recipe, make up the batter, then take a brick of cream cheese and cut it into 12 squares. pour a little batter on the bottoms of the muffin cups, nestle a square of cream cheese into the center and pour batter around it. pop that puppy in the oven, bake per your recipe and viola! cream cheese centered muffins. yum yum yum! these with a cup of tea or coffee on a sunday morning; they make the day that much better!

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