Friday, June 30, 2006

fabric therapy and vacationy goodness

so yesterday, after the press event in lewiston, i decided to go for a little "fabric therapy" before driving back to work. as i wandered the stacks of fabric bolts my creative energies went spiraling out of control, as my brain suddenly bombarded me with images of quilts and capri's and aprons and dresses and skirts and wall hangings galore; all the things that i could make...if only. if only...if only i had unlimited amounts of money and time, to stash a bit of every bolt of fabric on the shelves; to let the creative juices run rampant and scribble down every idea that each fabric color and design evoked; to sit without consequence and without guilt, at my sewing machine, at my dining room table/design table, with no laundry, no painting, no dishes, no vacuuming, no phones ringing, no work needing to be done...if only.

i had to limit myself to 5 fabrics, as 4 of them will become capri's (which need 2 yards each). this is what i found:

my favorite is the ones that kind of look like roses, but i'm not sure if they're supposed to be poppies. i don't know, but they'll become my sister's capri's. the salmony pink flowered one might too, but i haven't decided yet. the rust w/ gold spirals is definitely mine. the 5th fabric (which blogger wouldn't allow me to download but can be seen on my flickr site) is americana sheep, to appease my love of all things sheep. i think it will become a table runner for my kitchen.

my vacation starts tomorrow. i have a week off to do whatever. i won't be leaving the state, but i will be hanging out at the lake, finishing some projects at home (i'm notorious for starting projects and taking forever to finish them!), my friend juliana and i are going to go on an adventure of old (i hope! when we were younger, we used to just jump in the car and take off for whatever adventure overtook us. i miss those days - sans her car always breaking down - and i'm in great hopes that we will be able to do that again!) and a trip to portland is in order for the first outside FREE concert of the summer from the portland downtown district's alive at 5 concert series in monument square, sponsored by my favorite radio station, WCLZ (which you can listen to on the internet by going to their homepage and clicking the radio stream media player link on the left side menu - they play a great selection of music: pete yorn, damien rice, willie nelson, sarah mclachlan, beth orton, phish, springsteen, concrete blonde, shawn mullins, john hiatt, guster, tom waits, ray lamontagne, kathleen edwards, jack johnson...the list goes on and on, it's very eclectic!). they are hosting the subdudes. i can't wait! and i definitely want to stop in to edith and edna on exchange street, that i originally learned about from the soule mama blog (whom, i have to say, i garner inspiration from each day - i don't know the author of the blog, but her photo's (of all that she creates) spurs my creative process on! many thanks to her!)

my posts may be sporatic next week due to the whole vacationy goodness thing happening, but i promise to take lots of pictures of whatever i end up doing!

have a wonderful, wonder-filled weekend, everyone!

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