Wednesday, June 14, 2006

don't want to work ~ itching to sew

in honor of color week:
this morning's brief thunderstorm that has now given way to bright sun and a muggy feeling. my garden is rejoicing!

sunday is my friend maddie's birthday. every year maddie's birthday springs up and my friends and my normal conversation upon this realization goes something like this:

"oh no, maddie's birthday! it's this week! oh my god, what are you getting her?"
"i don't know what are you getting her?"
"i don't know! i thought her birthday was in july!"

we've come to the conclussion that june 18th really isn't her birthday, that she was supposed to be born july 8th. so this year has been no different! monday rolled around and instant panic set in...maddie's birthday was less than a week away. so i wracked my brain, trying to figure what to get her and yesterday, inspiration set in...i am going to attempt to make her a wrap skirt(thankfully, she doesn't read this)! i have this wonderful cotton sheeting material that feels so soft; it reminds me of the old sheets my mother had when i was a kid, the ones that i used to bury my face in and sniff when they came in off of the clothes line because they smelled so fresh and clean. this is my favorite material, perfect for summer. it just feels so cool against the skin! so i set the fabric into a purple dye bath last night; tonight i will rinse it and bleach stamp it (use bleach gel and a foam stamp or a bleach pen to draw a design on the fabric that will leach the color out of it - very very easy). i'm still deciding on a design.

oh, i started working on one of my pairs of capris last night (the pink ones). they are all cut out and just need to be stitched. the pattern seems very simple! i'm a little seems to be going all too smoothly. hopefully i'll get to finish them this weekend (though maddie's skirt comes first).

okay, must get to work! hope everyone has a fabulous day!


simple me said...

Hi Tiffany,
Wonderful picture. We also had a whole day and night of thunderstorms over here... I like thunderstoms.
We should see pictures of your sewing things...I'm curious.
Have a good day!
Paula :)

ps: I've been very busy on these last few days that's why I haven't been to a large supermarket to get some smarties for you but I should be able to send them at the beginning of next week.

Shari said...

lovely photo.

Listoria said...

thank you, paula and shari. i was so happy w/ the way this photo came out! i'm glad you liked it!