Friday, June 09, 2006

rain rain go away

so, surprise surprise, the northeast is getting another rain filled weekend. i'm feeling sloshy; very water-logged and missing my garden. i wave to it each day, through the raindrops, as i leave for work. i miss walks that don't require an umbrella and waterproof boots. i miss capri and sandal weather.

okay, enough lamenting about the weather. because despite the soggy forecast, my aunt and uncle from maryland are coming up, as well as my cousin from massachusetts to look at properties on damariscotta lake where my parents live. i haven't seen them in a while, so this will be fun. hopefully my cousin mike (the dectective with a private investigation business) will bring his sadie with him; she's a big black lab whom my sadie loves to pieces! she's also a very well trained dog and the more time my sadie spends with her, the better...she picks up on the good behavior! and they tire each other out completely, it's wonderful.

so i've never done a five senses friday, yet i love reading everyone elses. i think today is a good time to start.

listening to: a colleague's 1 hit wonders xm satellite station (funky cool old punk funk dance music, one right after the other), the traffic from state street. earlier, the sound of a friend on the phone w/ a boston terrier breeder from indiana confirming addresses and flight times for her families newest canine edition!

is he not the cutest little thing on earth?

seeing: a very short break in the clouds, fog rolling in across the very green mountainous terrain that i can see from my window. i wish i had my camera here to show you what i'm seeing!

smelling: fresh cut grass, the hint of rain in the muggy air, unlit pineapple candle.

tasting: chunky cherry fruit leather, regrettably not my own...yet (but my mother will be making some this weekend! if you would like the recipe, this site has the best one i have seen so far, giving variations and different techniques. very informative!)

feeling: a brief moment of warm sun, a bit of boredom on a slow day and excitement for tonight's excursion to see pbr.

have a wonder-filled weekend everyone!

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gracia said...

Quite possibly the "cutest little thing on earth"... though my cats Omar & Olive are getting quite jealous as I type this... cheers, gracia