Tuesday, June 20, 2006

lazy hazy crazy days of summer

sweet summer upon us
hot-humid-muggy 5 am walks
scents, sweet and sour, heavy on the air
trying to focus on the sweet, block out the sour...the stink that heat inevitably brings out.

* blooming mock oranges, sweet peonies and peppery scented lupines
* the grass of a dozen neighborhood lawns, quickly mowed before last night's thunder storm rolled in
* morning coffee, wafting thickly through open windows creating heavenly clouds on the sidewalk and a craving for that rich brew

listening to the early morning birdsong and the crunch crunch crunch of uneven broken concrete sidewalks-gravel driveways under my feet and the barking hello's of the neighbor dogs
low lying fog, hanging-dripping in the air before me, moist and sticky
sun peaking over rooftops
"good morning, sunshine"

my morning was so calm and quiet. quite lovely, but very humid. you know it's going to be a bad air quality day when it is that humid, that early in the morning. i took tomorrow off (yippee, summer solstice!) and i'm so excited, but i don't know what i want to do. i've been on the go for the past two weekends and haven't really done much around the house (other than domestic goddess chores); there are a million little things i could do! i think tomorrow may be a puttering day. i love to putter. if i feel ambitious, i may put a dent in the "backyard" and clear out some of the stuff that is piled out there...that's if i feel ambitious. i still have to fix maddie's skirt (haven't given it to her, as it didn't fit the way a wrap skirt should...thankfully she's understanding) and i have a messenger bag pattern calling to me. i've also been thinking of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies every time i walk into my kitchen, so that may be on the menu for the day tomorrow (or tonight when it cools off in the evening...nothing worse than baking in near 90 degree weather!)

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simple me said...

The sensing post...I love the description of your surroundings.
Have a great humid day.
Gosh! Only now I noticed you posted this at 5:38 in the morning...too early for me. Ha! Ha!
paula :)