Monday, June 19, 2006

many moths

father's day weekend was fabulous! the sun was shining, it was
in the 70's and there was a perfect breeze blowing across the lake!

sunday morning brought an amazing site...the many moths of damariscotta lake. there were a bunch clinging to the side of the house, the door, the window. they were all different colors: pink, gold, brown, white, grey. and they stayed there all day! my brother found this lunar moth fluttering around under the patio table and my mother didn't want some bird swooping down on it, so we brought him over to the willow cone near the house, wrapped a facecloth on the backside of it and let him cling to that for the day. it was so beautiful! all of the moths were. many of the pictures i took were too blurry to even bother keeping, but i was able to get a few good ones!

well, back to work until wednesday and i'm off on the solstice! whoo-hoo!

have a great day, all!

(oh, btw...the capri's are done! yippee! they fit perfectly and i even made another pair on saturday! i'm wearing a pair today; i'll have to take a pict of them. and i found some great cotton linen called orange dip that is dark orange on the bottom and does a slow fade to an orange sherbert. so very pretty! i think that might become a skirt...not sure yet. gotta dig out the skirt pattern i have somewhere.)

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gracia said...

those green wings... amazing, and so delicate.
cheers, grache