Thursday, June 01, 2006

summer: yaaaayyyy!!! and booooo!

summer and i have a love/hate relationship. i love the gardening and the swimming and long walks in the mornings before the day gets too muggy or at night after dark when it has started to cool down. i don't like the annual "trying on of the bathing suit" or the "hmmm, what actually does still fit from last summer?" as the inevitable answer seems to be "nothing". it's very discouraging!

i tried on bathing suits last night and had to bite my tongue from screaming, "oh my god!" in the dressing room. i did not cry, i'm very proud of myself, but i did vow not to put on a bathing suit again...ever! and knowing that won't happen, because i like to swim, i vowed to go to the gym.

there is no reason i shouldn't go to the gym; it's free where i work. i've just been lazy and made excuses. no more excuses!! and no more beating myself up! i'm normally a very positive person, just self-critical (but who isn't, really?). but no more!! every day i will wake up and find as many positive things about myself as i can! because i am beautiful! and, to quote my friend jenn carpenter, "i love me enough for everyone!" (of course her's followed with, "so you can all piss off now!" but that was because we were teasing her).

bring on the summer sun!

sun & moon sculpture by my brother derek

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