Monday, June 26, 2006

feelin' no pain...well, that's not true

so wednesday night, after a fabulous day off and a wonderful bbq with friends...i sprained my ankle! after the bbq, my friend gave me a couple of plants that she said i should get in the ground that evening, before we got any more rain. so the last thing i planted was lamb's ear, on the little hill in my backyard; as i was coming down the hill in my birkenstocks (not the best thing to be gardening in), the soil came loose and i slide into a three quarter split, then twisted and dug the shovel into the ground to stop me from going into a full split, which made me stretch some ligaments in my right ankle. i had to take the rest of the week off, as i was hobbling everywhere and trying to drive was just not happening.

i didn't even touch my computer, since it's in a spot in my house that isn't very conducive to someone with a gimpy ankle, which stunk because i missed reading everyone's blogs! so i watched t.v. (can i just tell you how boring daytime television is? ugh!) and learned to use my left foot on the sewing machine peddle while my right was propped up to reduce swelling and i made a really cool messenger bag (which i have pictures of, but i haven't downloaded them yet). by saturday, the ankle was feeling better and i was able to sit on the floor in my hall and paint flowers on the wall (again, pictures have yet to be downloaded). i did a couple of daisies, which are okay and i'm very happy with the way the gooseneck loosestrife (if you don't know what they look like, just click the link) came out! they're so easy to paint! i still plan on painting tulips, sunflowers, clemetis trailing up the trellis i had painted on the wall on wednesday, pre-ankle complications! i'm painting flowers that i actually have (or had, as the tulips have gone by) in my garden.

anyhoo, i'm back to work, walking a little slower, ankle's still a little tender and feeling as though i've missed a lot, at work and in the blog world. i've missed my daily must reads and will have many blog posts to read during this lunch hour!

have a great day all and tomorrow i will have pictures!!

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simple me said...

So sorry about your ankle. I hope you are doing better now and almost recovered...
paula :)