Thursday, June 29, 2006

busy busy busy

well i attempted to post yesterday, but the day got away from me! between filing, email, meetings, etc. etc. i didn't even stop to take a lunch! i did manage a moment or two to read a couple of blogs, but yesterday was just a very busy day!

this morning is much more relaxed; i was able to sleep in and take an extra long walk with the dog. i have an event to attend in lewiston regarding maine's creative economy at 10:00, so i don't have to go into work until later this afternoon.

oh...happy happy news! my boss called me into the inner office yesterday and praised me for the work i was doing (yippee) and said he wants me to be more involved policy wise, that next session my attentions will probably be more focused on legislation rather than on the other things that i'm doing now. "so i think you would really benefit from attending a conference in august" he said, and i'm thinking super boring conference here in maine that i will probably have to drive back and forth too...WRONG!

i get to go to nashville, tennessee!!!!!!!!

how incredibly cool is that? this will be so much fun! 4 days of meetings regarding the environment, energy efficiency and economic development! and the best's all paid for!!!!!! round trip airfare, my hotel room, the conference fees, my meals. i love my job!
oh, btw my ankle is feeling much better. i still have moments where i'm limping, but that's only if i've been sitting too long and it stiffens up or if i've been walking too long without a rest. but the fact that i'm not hobbling is the best part!

anyhoo, i have to get going. i need to be out of this house in less than an hour and on the road (it's 40 minutes to lewiston). but here is a picture of the capri's. i finally remembered to take one!

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