Thursday, June 08, 2006

another blah rain filled day

blogger is being quite tempermental today. it must know that i'm working on a four day headache and have no patience! the headache will go away when these weird pressure systems stop swamping the northeast!

so i love this picture. i'm a big fan of trees, more especially their roots. i have these two lovely maples in my backyard that i call the "sentinels" (because they are so tall and so old and they kind of create an archway seperating my property from the one behind me); they have the best exposed root system that has grown over rocks, but part of the rock is still exposed. it's very interesting.

this week has gone by fairly quickly (probably due to taking tuesday and half of yesterday as a sick day). i can't wait for friday night. my friend Melissa, her husband Darrell and i will be going to something we've never been to before...the professional bull riders rodeo!

i know it sounds weird, but about 8 months ago, on a dreary boring saturday that was filled with domestic goddess chores, i turned the t.v. on to keep me company while i folded laundry. now i don't have cable, as i refuse to pay for channels that i don't watch, so i have an old rotary antenna that brings in the 5 standard channels (NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS and FOX) very clearly. the only drawback to having so limited of channels is that these stations normally show sports on the weekend (expect for PBS which i normally end up watching), but on this day, even PBS was disappointing. so i left it on NBC and the rodeo; i didn't plan on watching it, but as the day progressed, i found myself mesmerized by these bull riders (and not to mention the fact that many of them were good looking!). laundry was soon forgotten and i sat for a good 2 hours watching this program. so last week, i get this frantic email from mel saying, "PBR is coming to lewiston!" and that was it. we got tickets. i know, strange, since rodeos (in my mind) are right up there with nascar, twangy country music and seeing redneck comedians live. and even though i am going to the rodeo, i won't suddenly develop a love of nascar, the urge to listen to conway twitty or buy tickets for larry the cable guy!


gracia said...

Great tree photo, I too am a sucker for tree roots & lush green moss... I hope your blogger trickiness has since been smoothed out too.
cheers, gracia

simple me said...

Hi Tiffany,

It seems we all had problems with blogger yesterday.
I couldn't download many images i was planing to...but today it seems to be working fine.
Love your tree root picture.
If you want I can send some smarties over to you... just send me your address.
Have a fab weekend.
paula :)

Listoria said...

paula, you're a doll! thank you thank you! i'll send you my address! and if there is anything i can get you from maine, don't hesitate to ask!!

:^) tiffany

Listoria said...

gracia, thank you. blogger is running much smoother!