Tuesday, June 27, 2006

smartie pants

so last night, i came home from work and found this waiting for me in my mailbox:

i was so excited! it was a package from the lovely, lovely paula! she sent me a haul of smarties from portugal.

check this out. how cool is this? little boxes of smarties, tubes of smarties, the portugese version of smarties and a very cute ducky postcard with a hello from paula.

paula, you are amazing! thank you so much for my goodies! i do so love them (and i'm sharing them with co-workers today). i'm so happy that you had a chance to check out maine on the internet. and please remember, if you need-want-desire-long for anything from maine...you name my dear!


gracia said...

A special smartie delivery... fantastic!
see you, grache

simple me said...

Just enjoy...:D

Shari said...

ah yes...smarties. yummy. love the ducky card too. packages from portugal can't help but make you smile especially when they're from paula.

Shari said...
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