Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Forever and ever ago (ok, it was only last September), I happened across a very sweet craft blog called Bella Dia (via, I believe, Little Birds Handmade) and a post the author had written in February of last year about a little wool felt house that she made.

I fell in love with this little house, all felty and embroidered and I vowed that I would make one. So I bookmarked page and periodically came back to it to ogle the little house...vowing to keep my vow to some day make one.

Finally, last Thursday evening, with the threat of a snow storm looming and the anticipation of a snow day off from work, I broke out the graph paper and set to work making the pattern I would use to create my very own little house. Now I didn't have any wool floating around my home (which is surprising), but I did have craft felt. I dug out my embroidery floss and set to work. This is what I came up with (the pictures are a little blurry)...

It's a little fat, the door and window are crooked, but how darn cute is this? My thought is to make a bunch of them, along with some soft trees (you can find the pattern at Little Birds Handmade) and make a village o' softies!
Just had to share.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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gracia said...

Hee, hee... a little house fit for a small mouse.
see you, g