Friday, March 30, 2007

Back into Time

I've been going through old family photos for two projects that I'm working on. One is for a picture quilt for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary and the other is for a black and white photo collage project. I realized that I have very few photos in my house (other than the ones on the fridge), so I went out and bought a bunch of black frames in different sizes at the dollar store and I'm going to arrange the frames on the wall in my living room. I'm having too much fun with these projects because I keep finding pictures that crack me up, pictures of how my house used to look and pictures from events that I had long since forgotten. Anyhoo, I had to share some of my favs of my sister, brother and I from when we were kids:

Dina, Derek and I hanging out in the kitchen (Derek and I still have the same hair color, 28 years later!)
Dina watering Ma's garden
Derek on the Big Wheel (even back then he knew he was irresistable! That's the lady killer look)
Me, trimming the tree (pigtails were popular, can't you tell?)
The pictures of my sister and brother are from the early 70's, before I was born (they're 8 and 6 years older than me), the one of me and the 3 of us together are from 1978. I need to get a picture of all of us now for the anniversary quilt.
I've been scanning pictures from the way my house used to look too and taking current pictures. I'll have to post them and show you. It's so funny how things change so much over the years!
Thanks for walking down memory lane with me; we'll have to do it again, soon.
Have a wonder-filled weekend!


lisa s said...

i heart old family photos. you are such a cutie!!

simple me said...

Wonderful memories :)