Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year...3 days late

It's funny, my first post of 2007 was exactly one year ago today. I had such great couch, new bedroom, new kitchen flooring, new creative workspace...ah, intentions. Such wonderful things. None of them came to fruition, but that's life.

So here we are, 2008 and yes, I still have intentions...or rather, intention. Just one - to see the intentions of the past few years to fruition. That's it, but believe me, that's more than enough!!
Unfortunately, I won't be around the Blogisphere much in the next month or four. With my new job comes new responsiblities that are a bit time consuming and I have trouble trying to compose a coherent blog post in the evening or reading blog posts. I won't be totally gone, just sporadically here during this Legislative session. I'll still post when I have interesting news or a finished project to share...or have completed a past intention. And when I can grab a spare minute, I'll be sure to check up on all my favorite bloggers and read all the fun & exciting things that you're all up to!
I wish you all much love, luck, fun, positive excitement, interesting adventures and success this new year. Cheers!

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gracia said...

Wishing you (belatedly) a wonderful 2008 full of all good things. Here's to a super year!

see you, g xo