Thursday, January 31, 2008

Project: Recycled Sweatshirt Jacket

So I saw this pattern in the last Keepsake Quilting catalog and it inspired me. Why couldn't I take an old pullover sweatshirt and make it new? With only the dismantled sweatshirt as my guide, I jumped into the process of recycling clothing - which I actually love to do, with shirts and pants that no longer fit or have holes, but this added a whole new dimension. When I adjust shirts and pants, they still look like the original...this looks like something completely new!
The more I look at it, the more of a NFL stadium style jacket look it has...I don't like stadium jackets (no offense to anyone who does), so I'm thinking it needs a bit of tailoring, some darts maybe to give it shape, etc. But I need to consult my sewing advisor (Mum) before I do anything with it.
Despite that whole stadium jacket thing, I am quite proud of myself. I took my time, I ripped out any mistakes and fixed them rather than saying screw it and leaving them (which I have been known to do...often...because I'm too lazy to fix it).
The arms made me want to scream, though! I finally got them on and remotely, kinda sorta looking the same (though one is a little bigger than the other).
I was very happy with the collar and the front trim - it was much easier than I thought. And to personalize it, I added my own label! I probably should have done a lining, since the inside is, uh...raw seam ugly, but I'm not that advanced in my sewing yet.
So that's what's new from the sewing room. I think with the next one, I'll play a little more, definitely add darts before I finish it, maybe make the front a little funkier (like with the pattern that inspired me) and make it a little more artistic...I'm very drawn to circles and circular patterns right now - like this and this and this. But the next will be in blue (I already have the fabric picked out).


louise said...

I'm always amazed at people who can sew their own clothes. What a fantastic skill, one I'm far, far, far from ever realising. xo lj

sweatshirt said...

These look great. I will be sure to tell others about this blog.