Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Forks

I meant to post the details from the trip to The Forks last week, but time got away from me.
We didn't get to go rafting. Both the Kennebec and the Dead were running too fast and too high. My sister's friend said that we'd end up spending our trip down the river bailing (his raft wasn't a self-bailer) and because there was sooooo much water (they were releasing 10,600 cubic feet of water on the Kennebec), we wouldn't have much in the way of rapids.
Many of the rafting companies were still taking people down and I did get to watch this group launch on Sunday morning.

We did get to go on a hike into Grand Falls (45 minutes down a logging road, then a mile hike into the woods)
And that was well worth the trip!

Check out the video below...

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gracia said...

Eek! to those Grand Falls.

I've not been rafting for the longest time... thanks for the memories.