Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Bride - finished

I actually finished this last week, but didn't upload the photos till today. My cousin's bridal shower was Sunday and my aunt was nice enough to bring it down for me, so I didn't have to risk it getting beat up in the mail!
I was so happy to find the glass topped box frame (the lid is on hinges). It was the only thing resembling a shadow box that I could find (I went to 4 stores) and it was the only one left. It was too perfect! Then I found this poem by Susan Polis Schutz.
I whipped together a little fake flower bridal bouquet and it all just came together perfectly!
I wish I could have been there to see her open it, but maybe someone took pictures.

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louise said...

Congrats on finishing your project, I'm sure your cousin would have been thrilled. xoxo lj