Monday, September 01, 2008

Fruits (and vegetables) of My Labor (day weekend)

I wish I could go back to August of 1997 and have a good long conversation with my 20 year old self before I embarked upon the adventure that was my first apartment. In that conversation I would have given myself three vital pieces of advice: 1) alcohol is not your friend and the money that you would save by not drinking could be used as a down payment on your first car, 2) buy a bread machine and stock up on the ingredients to make bread and 3) learn to make jam!

If I had had these three useful bits of info (and actually listened to it), not only would I have saved some money, but I wouldn't have spent the last month of my 3rd year at University eating canned soup for lunch and dinner (I would have had bread and jam to go along with that soup!)!

I never realized just how easy it is to make jam - why on earth did it take me this long to learn?

Saturday, Mum and I put up Strawberry, Raspberry and Pear-Apple Jam (the pear-apple was a complete experiment that turned out amazing!)
Then I snapped 5 pounds of green beans and learned how to use
the water bath canner
to make Dilly Beans!
I'm hooked now - I will never be jamless (or dilly bean less) in the winter again!

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