Monday, September 08, 2008

Been out of commission

Don't ask me what I did, but whatever it was, it did a number on my lower back!

I've been pretty much in pain since last Tuesday. I went to the doctor on Wednesday (my chiropractor was off) and she gave me pills...which didn't do much for the pain and one of them I was allergic to - not a pretty sight! On Thursday, I went to my chiropractor and she adjusted me. By 6:00 that night, I was able to walk better - I'm not sure why I bother with the doctor anymore...really, I always end up with pills that don't do much and half the time I have a reaction!

I'm still a little gimpy today, but I'm getting better and better!

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Cathy said...

Too bad, that really sucks. I hope the chiropractor fixed you right up and tomorrow will be a much brighter day.