Monday, September 15, 2008

Must Be Something About September...

That makes me want to paint. Remember these ugly things? They're my kitchen cabinets that I painted last September
They ended up looking like this - all pretty and white and yellow. Only, this photo is can't see how streaky and icky looking the lower cabinets really are. I got so sick of painting by that time that I gave up and dealt with streaky, poorly painted (despite the 5 coats of paint on them) lower cabinets for the past year...until yesterday.
Out came the paint and paint brushes
and now, after 2 coats of white and 3 coats of yellow,
my lower cabinets are pretty, too!
Now I just have to finish the handles (the ones on the right have been baked, the ones on the left need to be and I still have 5 more to clay...and I have to buy some clear spray varnish)
The best part about the kitchen cabinets being done...the floor's next. Oh how I feel giddy at the thought of RIPPING UP THAT DAMN UGLY FLOOR! (seriously, go back to the pictures and look at that god awful floor - ewwwww!)

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Cathy said...

Well done! Night and Day. Well worth all your effort, Tiffany.