Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What's in Your Backyard?....again

Remember this picture from way back in April...when I started cleaning out and reclaiming my backyard?
Well, since my brother moved in, he's been cleaning up in earnest! Out came the fence and all the left over junk; the sand (we used to have a pool in this spot when I was a kid) has been dug down and raked...
and he's even building up a rock retaining wall!
It's just so clean and starting to look so pretty!
Next year, I need a better plan for the garden. I didn't utilize my space wisely, didn't plant the potatoes properly, my beans got mold towards the end, my carrots could have been thinned better and I think my tomatoes are diseased. But my cucumbers did well and I do have one little pumpkin and three zucchinis that are doing wonderfully. Ah, every year with a garden is a learning experience!


louise said...

Can't wait to see next years crop. Your brother has been working so hard, he's done a great job on that wall. xo lj

gracia said...

Cucumbers, a pumpkin and three zucchini... it all sounds green and ever so slightly grand. My garden yields very little in the way of things edible for humans.

take care, g