Wednesday, November 15, 2006


So here it is...

At 11:11 am eastern time, I turned 30 years old.

I've had more people sing to me today. My sister sang to my voicemail, my coworker Marcia sang to me as I walked down the hall into the office, Melissa called me to sing to me, and while I was on the phone solidifying birthday plans for Saturday with Juli - her mother jumped on the other line and sang to me!

And the one person who I expected to call me bright and early this morning to wish me a happy birthday, didn't. Seriously, I had to call my mother at 2:30 to make sure everything was alright, that she was still alive, because this is her thing...she lives to call people on their birthday and sing to them! I mean, come on...everyone I know has wished me a happy birthday and the woman who bore me in her womb for 9 months, gave birth to me and nurtured me for my entire life, forgot! I'm her youngest child! I'm the spoiled one...mommy and daddy's little girl! I feel loved. My sister suggested that we disown her. I have to cut Ma some slack though - she is trying to clean the house and prepare for about 20 people for Thanksgiving dinner!

As for tonight, no great and amazing plans. There's much well wishes and singing in my family, but birthday parties are really not a big thing...unless I plan them and make my family help me, and I draw the line at planning a party for myself. That's just not as much fun! But Juli's family throws me a little party every year and their always, always fun! This year it's on Saturday and Juli is scouring her house for wrapping paper, bags and bows for my presents. YIPPEE!

I'm not sure if I feel any older or wiser or different...but I've only been 30 for little more than 4 hours and I didn't expect an immediate change. I firmly believe that you're only as old as you some days I'm still 10, other's I'm 60. But no matter what age I am, so long as I'm learning new things and having fun, it'll be a good age!

So hello 30, I'm interested to see what lies in store for us, what adventures we'll go on and what fun we will have!


lisa s said...

happy birthday!

i am loving my 30's... :)

gracia said...

Sounds like a wonderful day... I hope you continue celebrating and enjoying all that 30 brings.
take care, g
(P.S. Have a slice of cake for me!)

Listoria said...

Thanks guys!!


Shari said...

happy 30th tiff! hope you had a good one. cheers! shari