Monday, November 27, 2006

Great Big Chunks of Christmas Spirit

Remember how I said a few posts back (okay, it was a month ago) that I could get my house to look like the Spirit of Christmas heaved great big chunks of Christmas cheer up on it? Well, to quote a horrible and cheesy movie from the 90's (Mortal Kombat)...IT HAS BEGUN!

My tree (yes it's fake - I justify it by remembering that I'm not killing a real tree year after year just because I like the smell, which I will get when I trim trees out at my brother's for Christmas boughs), the archway to my hall, and my little village (well the start of a village, anyway).

These little vintage 40's candy boxes are from Inspire Company. I love Amy's blog and she posted about them one day...had to have them! And now here they sit, atop my TV (Holiday Inn was playing to help me get into the spirit). Oh how I love them!

Even Sadie got into the spirit...okay, she was forced into it. But, doesn't she look like Max from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"; that sad little face when the Grinch ties the antler on his head?

As you can see, she's not impressed with the antlers. She tried to eat them when I took them off her head. And Tallulah refused to try them on. Gave me several death glares.

She may be small, but she is a formidable little creature!

The Christmas decorating will soon as the craft fair is over and done with; Friday is set up and Saturday is showtime! I will be so thankful when it's done!

(my view of my post and how it actually looks when it's published are totally different, I find that I have to keep going back to correct it. Is it just me or...anyone else have that problem?)


lisa s said...

wow wow wow

time to sing x-mas carrols!

and your pets... TOO CUTE!

gracia said...

Hi Tiff,
It's all things Christmas over there, right down to the new colour scheme... wonderful!
cheers, grache