Friday, November 17, 2006

Christmas is coming...

and so is the craft show I'm participating in. I really need to get crackin'! I have 2 more weeks to create at least 5 more christmasy fairies & tree toppers and finish my snowman & christmas tree ornaments.

Have I shown you my little ornaments?
I haven't? Where's my head?
Well, take a look!
They're made from clay. The snowmen have a very slight sparkle to them that will catch the light when they're hung on the Christmas tree.
The trees have small colored beads pressed into them, also to catch the light.
They also make great decorations to attach to presents! My friends put in an order for 5 of each to hook on family gifts (they're the ones that gave me the idea).

These two lovely ladies with the glittery wings will also be in the fair.

Miss Olivia Tannenbaum


Little Suzy Snowflake (name pending - I'm not convinced on this name)

On the list of "to be made" (or rather "hopefully will be gotten around to") are Kandi Kane (can you guess what colors she will be?), Windy Whyte (who will be all in white), I'm attempting to create a Christmas Ball fairy by cutting a wide hole at the top and bottom of a plastic ball ornament to fit over a fairy body, then gluing the ornament hanger on the top of her head; then there are the tree toppers that look similar to this.

Well, must mosey. I've got a cell phone to go retrieve from FedEx. Did I mention that I was getting a cell phone again? It's only a tracfone - I had a cell from 2000 (that I was required to get when silly me thought I wanted to sell life insurance) until December of last year. I'm not a cell phone addict and paying that much money (for 600 minutes a month that I only used 60 of) made no sense!


Sean Carter said...

The ornaments that you've made are so beautiful!! They look so pretty and gorgeous!! If you are looking out for some cool and out of the box Christas ideas you can jus peep into my Holiday Blog....

Listoria said...

Thank you so much!! I checked out your blog - it's so full of Christmas cheer! I love it!