Monday, November 20, 2006

Doin' the Happy Happy Dance of Joy

Well, it might be a premature "Happy Happy Dance of Joy", since the final vote hasn't been made but I'm doing it anyway!!

I STILL HAVE A JOB (at least that's the concensus)!!!


Leadership was chosen and my boss is still President...well Democratic Presidental Nominee to be exact. On December 6th, the whole Senate will vote...but the D's have the majority and so long as all the little duckies stay in their row, my job will be secure for the next 2 years. This session we will also have a wicked, kick-ass Majority Leader - she is so incredible smart and sweet and, as she puts it, "Tenacious as all get out!" She's just one of those people that you really enjoy working with because she appreciates everything you do (you don't mind going out of your way to do things for her!).

And another happy "work" note, this is a 2 day work week for me! Ingenious girl that I am, I took Wednesday off to help my mother prepare for Thanksgiving (and with my job, Friday's part of the holiday. WHOO HOO!)

Oh...and you know how I was complaining about the weird weather? We're back to normal November temps. It was 32 when I walked the dog this morning and I loved every minute of it. In a month, when it's 32 with a wind chill factor of -20...I'll be complaining again. That's just how I am, I've come to accept it! Now I want snow. I love snow up until February, then I want spring! In my perfect world, spring would start at the beginning of March, summer at the end of May, Fall - September 1st and Winter - the week of Thanksgiving! And for the week before Christmas, it would snow every day...not a lot, just enough to make it pretty and clean and white! That would be the weather forecast in my perfect world (I love those Walgreen commercials where they show the town of Perfect. Have you seen those? You can see one here and here, for those who don't have Walgreens Pharmacies or their commercials. They're described as Tim Burton-esque and I find that very befitting!

Well enough randomness for one day. Until tomorrow, happiness abounds my friends, happiness all around!

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