Monday, July 02, 2007

Wild, Wild Horses, We'll Ride Them Some Day

What a fabulous weekend! I went strawberry picking (I'll save those picts and a recipe for tomorrow), I started painting the doors of my kitchen cabinets (only 4 more coats to go - ugh, I hate the paint I got, not the color - just the texture, but I need to use it up) and part of Saturday morning was spent hanging out with my friend Melissa and these two gorgeous animals.
Callie (foreground) and Soul (behind)

I haven't been on a horse in 23 years...needless to say I was a little nervous...especially since this guy is so big!But you know, once on, I was okay. Soul is very gentle and sweet natured. He reminded me of a very big version of my dog...only he's better mannered!

The day was perfect for riding - sunny enough to be warm, but windy enough not to sweat to death and to keep most of the bugs down. The only problem were the horseflies out in the fields; they were driving the poor horses nuts!
When we came back, both Soul and Callie decided to take dirt was so comical to watch them roll!

Can I tell you how much I ached the next day (and still do)? Oowww! I now understand the meaning of "saddle-sore." I don't know how those cowboys (and girls) do it! I think I just need to get used to it. But you know, I had so much fun...I can't wait to do again!


simple me said...

I like horses and these are beautiful but I must admit I'm afraid of them so I never tried to ride one. Fernando (my husband) used to ride and he says it was a lot of fun but a sore bottom the following day :)

gracia said...

What a wonderful pair of horses... and don't they look so very, very humorous as they roll in the dirt. They, and you, clearly had a tremendous time.

see you, g