Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I meant to post about this a while ago. Last month I participated in Andrea's summer postcard swap. I showed you my cards, now here are the others posted on my newly created inspiration board (which I have been wanting to create since seeing this, but never really had the space...until now! And yes, I know that's a wire and this is a board - of sorts, but I've always really loved cork boards)
Such talented people, such creative ideas (the long, dangly beaded mirror things are something I made - once the epoxy is 100% dry, they'll get hung in my maple tree in my front yard to reflect the sun)!And here is a little thank you Mati sent me for sending her my old polaroid after her's broke. I love this elephant! Mati, you are just so talented!
She also sent pola's of the beach and chinese lanterns. I tacked up the beach one with the ocean inspired July buttons from the Button of the Month Club
And you can see the Simply Photo postcards that I ordered from the totally talented Jen - they are very inspiring! Lovelovelove!

Oh, I am feeling very much the empowered female do-it-yourselfer. I bought this yesterday! All I really needed was the old one died a horrible death - okay it just quit working, but to me it was horrible! I didn't realize just how much I use that thing; I was so spoiled with the convenience of my old cordless drill....I never had to use hand held screwdrivers. And having to use my Dad's old, heavy electric drill that has no reverse, just to drill a few holes in a 2x4 - it was monsterous! I hated it! So, as I wandered Home Depot buying paint, screws for the kitchen cabinets and sheet rock screws, I somehow found my way into the power tools section and there, the starter kit called to me..."Tiffany, your old drill is dead, you need a new drill. Over here, look at me! You know I'm a good lightweight drill. Your Dad has one just like me! And look at the other fun stuff that comes with me...think of all the stuff you can cut through with my buddy, the circular saw! And even though you really don't need another flashlight, it's cool!" I'm telling you, that drill was very persuasive!

Well, I have the next 4 days off (got smart with my vacation time - I'm taking mostly loooong weekends - it's lovely!) and it's supposed to rain, so there will be much revamping of home interior this weekend. Or at least, that's the plan. I really need to finish one of the many home projects that I've started in the last couple years! The kitchen still needs a new floor (which requires underlaying and a pneumatic flooring stapler - which my Dad has), the kitchen cabinets need to be painted and put back on (which is where the paint and screws from HD come in, as well as my NEW cordless drill - and I did get a good coat of paint on the doors yesterday), the bedroom that I ripped walls out of last year needs to be sheet rocked (but in order to do that I need to clean out another bedroom that holds a bunch of my parents crap, so that everything in the other bedroom can be moved to create space to bring in the sheet rock). Slowly but surely, it'll all happen!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


poppy said...

oh and thank you for your beautiful card! it was really so pretty and summery and i loved the stitching!

sia said...

all the postcards look amazing! I received some of them, but not as many as you did.

I am so sorry for not sending you my postcard yet - I am planning on sending my postcards to the US within a week.

take care