Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Latest Finished Projects

At the end of May, Julie posted some wonderful photos showing the "signs of summer". It was this one in particular that really created the spark of inspiration for me. I could totally see this picture in fabric. I didn't want to copy it, but just draw inspiration from it to create my own piece. This is the result:

"Pomegranate" - 30" x 18" completed late June 2007
Base: solid green cotton, layered with scraps of green print cottons and a layer of pale green tulle and free motion quilted to hold everything in place
Branch: brown crinkle rayon easy appliqued over base (easy applique = fusible web)
Leaves and Pomegranate: scrap cottons, lightly stuffed with batting, quilted and stitched to base
And the headbandana that I mentioned earlier...I finally took pictures! Bare with me, they aren't the best of picts, esp. the first one - where I forgot to shut off the flash and well, I look psychotic.
It's a headband...

it's a bandana... it's a headbandana!

I love headbands and bandanas, but they always slide off my head. It annoys me to no end that I'm constantly fixing them. But this...this I love! It seems to really stay in place and I can adjust the width of the band just by folding it or accordioning it (which is the way that it is sewn at each end).

I just made another pair of capris (no picts yet) and am working on a pair of wide leg linen pants for my sister. I'll have to get her to model them for me as soon as I finish them.

Until tomorrow...have a lovely evening all!

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