Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Bag and Office Art

So I know I said I needed to show off my new pants and the headband/dana that I made, but it was so cloudy this morning that the lighting at home was horrible for taking pictures...but I did make this bag last night on a whim and without a pattern. I love the fabric, but I forgot to add pockets to the inside lining (oops!). It still works and it holds a lot of stuff! I have a book, an organizer, a wallet, a camera, sunglasses case, keys and a zipper purse of things that I don't rolling around the bottom of my purse all tucked in!
Also, we have new art work in the office! Yippee, it's fabric and fiber! It's the work of a group of five artists. They are Catherine Worthington of Brunswick, Natasha Kempers-Cullen of Topsham, Katherine Harman Harding of Freeport, Stephanie Green Levy of Brunswick and Mary Allen Chaisson of Harpswell.
Some of my favs:

"Green Spirit" by Natasha Kempers-Cullen

work by Stephanie Green Levy

work by Katherine Harman Harding

"Jewels" by Mary Ellen Chaisson"Magic Moment" and "Life Energy Celebration" by Natasha Kempers-Cullen
close up of "Life Energy Celebration"
"Walk on the Moon" by Stephanie Green Levy
"Village II & III" by Catherine Worthington
(these two little ones are my definite favorites of the exhibit!)

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